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6 Top Voices of 2019 | Tax & Legal

We've scoured the social media landscape to pick out 6 top voices in the Tax & Legal space.
6 Top Voices of 2019 | Tax & Legal
Ludwig Dumont
Published On
March 18, 2020

It’s the End of the Year and nearly the end of this decade. That can only mean one thing. End of the Year Top Voices lists, of course! This time we've scoured the social media landscape to filter out 6 top voices in the Tax & Legal space.

There have been quite a number of prominent voices in the Belgian Tax & Legal space which have stood out at the end of 2019. Not only have these people provided timely advice on pressing issues, they’ve also led the discussion about these issues on social media, TV, and radio.

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Let’s dive right in. The following esteemed members of this list appear in no particular order. You can easily click the link to their profiles to check them out on their favorite channels and give them a follow as you scroll.

1. Jan Sap

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Jan Sap is the CEO of Fednot, a fast growing establishment that provides legal advice among a plethora of other services to notary offices. His progessive ideas about the role of notaries in the digital society are a breath of fresh air in an industry which has a lot of catching up to do. Follow him on Linkedin to stay abreast with the latest in the industry.

2. Walter Van Steenbrugge

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Walter Van Steenbrugge needs no introduction. He is a popular figure in Belgian media and appears on talk-shows on TV and radio to talk about topics varying from criminal law. He is not afraid to tackle the bigger issues; whether it is international politics or domestic policies on things like the use of cannabis, his firm Van Steenbrugge Advocaaten have their stances figured out. Follow him on Linkedin to keep up with the biggest issues and nuggets of legal wisdom.

3. Christophe Meesters

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Christophe Meesters is the Founder of Fiscotax, and a figure of growing prominence within the fiscal world. He is also a keynote speaker, taking time to talk about his favorite subjects in events and inspiring students at top universities. We’re glad to be able to support his business. Follow him on Linkedin to keep up with his unique takes on everything from tax to business to policy.

4. David Dessers

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David Dessers is a Managing Partner at CrescoLaw, and a leading voice in Corporate Law. His work speaks for itself; he leads the discussion not just on law, but also on innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy, and can always be seen helping out within the business community. Follow him on Linkedin to become part of the discussion!

5. Wim Wuyts

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Wim Wuyts is an established name in the legal & fiscal world. He is CEO at WTS Global, has 20 years of experience under his belt teaching, leading global tax organizations among other things. A thought-leader in his own right, he is one to be followed if you want to keep a close eye on how corporate tax is evolving.

6. Kris Luyckx

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Kris Luyckx is a pioneer of criminal law and a much sought after keynote speaker. He also Chairs the Flemish and Brussels Council of Economic Research on Foreigners and is a lecturer at the University of Antwerp. He frequents the media to talk about pressing issues and has fresh takes on them - for instance, his suggestion to legalize some drugs in order to control their usage. He is vocal on social media too, and you can follow him on Linkedin or Twitter to keep up to date with the most important discussions of these times.

Congratulations to these fine gentlemen for making it to this list! Their use of influence on social media to start important conversations and steer discussions in the right direction is exemplary.

Watch this space next Thursday as we continue our recall of the Top Digital Influencers of 2019!