Willow VS Hootsuite, Buffer and Loomly

If you're looking for a social media tool or agency to help you grow your business through social media and digital channels, this guide will help you decide on what to sign up for.

Ludwig Dumont
September 2, 2020

So here you are. If you clicked our Google Search Ad this most likely means that you're on the market for a solution that will help you to build out a strong presence for you and your business on the relevant online channels. 👍 Good call, you should. It's important and you should take this very seriously. Let's dive into it.


What you should also take very seriously is defining for yourself what your ideal solution looks like. And there are traditionally four extremes on the spectrum of social media/online marketing solutions, which are a direct derivative of (1) the price you want to pay and (2) the time you are prepared to invest. The chart below already provides you with a quick overview of what we mean by that. Willow falls right in the middle of this chart.


Just to say that there are a bunch of requirements and desires that need to be addressed before you actually make a decision. Based on our experience so far dealing with hundreds of businesses, these bullets might sound familiar 😃

  • First and foremost, you're looking for a solution that will help you a to z, it doesn't make any sense to have 4 tools to basically do 1 thing, which is having great content on your channels and building visibility for your business online.
  • Second, you are dealing with a limited budget. You don't want to nor do you have the ability to spend thousands of Euros or Dollars on expensive agencies or freelancers.
  • Thirdly, you honestly don't really know how to do 'online marketing'. Which channels do you need to be on? All of them? Or, how many posts do you need to send out a week? 2 or 20? And what about Google? How do you even get higher in the search results of the world's largest search engine? No clue, can't be bothered.
  • Fourthly, you really value simplicity. Your ambition to have to 'learn' how a new tool works are below zero and you want someone who knows what he or she is actually doing to guide you.

Partially and not exactly what you're looking for

So you Google (ah, the irony) social media tool and you pound that enter key with all you got.

Holy moly! You're ambushed by an almost never-ending list of software tools, applications, and the likes. You see Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, Loomly, and so on. It just doesn't stop and it definitely does not make your life easier.

What seemed a relatively simple task at the start ends up being a total nightmare. We know this. Okay, you get your nerves under control again and you start deep-diving into all of these tools. To your surprise they all do something very specific that you're kinda looking for, but only partially. Let us elaborate a bit without losing your attention.

  1. Buffer: Great tool if you're just looking to actually schedule your content (assuming that you already have content) on a multi magnitude of channels (some of them you might never have heard of)
  2. Hootsuite: Same story, a great tool if you have content at hand to push out on your channels and you're looking for an analytics suite that requires you to have a Ph.D. in digital marketing to actually understand what's happening
  3. Loomly: Sorry, three times a charm. A great and nimble tool that gives you ideas about what to post on social media, that allows you to schedule content on these channels and measure how your content is performing.
  4. And the list goes on (would take lightyears to mention all the tools here).

Limitations you should not be faced with

Stellar - But what about having an online marketing expert to talk to when you need some advice and support? Or even more basic stuff, like having a thought-through online marketing plan as a starting point? And how about managing and building your visibility on Google for that matter? Social media is one thing, but Google is most definitely another!

The reality of the matter is that the above tools are mainly meant for digital marketing teams who have in-house expertise and are just looking for a tool to do a specific task (like scheduling content) and might be working with a multitude of different tools that all do 1 or maybe 2 things. And this is great, but it's far from exhaustive and simple.

There is so much more about building out a strong and meaningful presence on the right digital channels that these tools just don't offer. And this, my friend, is where Willow kicks 🥾 in and this is exactly why our solution will allow you to shift to a higher gear and why all of these tools won't.

So Willow you say? What's Willow I ask!

By now we - and you - know that budget, time and knowledge are basically the 3 most important drivers for making a decision. And we believe that it should be possible to enjoy the positives of all 3 of these drivers when going for a solution. Just to say that it should be possible to get access to online marketing expertise with a solution that saves time and budget with a solution that is simple yet exhaustive.

And this is exactly where Willow comes in. We offer the handiness and efficiency of a tool and the expertise of an agency that knows what you need to do on social media and Google to get the business results that you want. All while staying well within your budget.

To make your life easier, we've enlisted 7 reasons that would make Willow the best option for your needs:

  1. You can't nor won't spend 10k Euro or Dollar per month to hire a digital creative agency. You have a modest marketing budget and that will have to do.
  2. Using tools like Buffer/Hootsuite would still eat away too much time. Time better spent on running your business.
  3. You're looking for tailor-made coaching that will help you to get results on social media.
  4. You want real-time information on the growth of your social media presence and your visibility on Google.
  5. You don't have (enough) content available to make sure your social media channels are updated on a regular basis.
  6. You still want to have control over your social media channels.
  7. You're not looking for a quick fix but for a more long-term solution that will provide you with digital presence peace of mind.

Sounds about right? Believe us when we say that having a strong presence on the right online channels does not have to be a total nightmare of complexity and chaos. It can just as well be a beautiful daydream of simplicity and clarity.

So if you feel ready to explore what we have to offer, feel free to book a no-strings-attached demo with one of our team members. We're very human and very techy all in one!

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Ludwig Dumont
Ludwig is the CEO of Willow. He believes in making marketing stupidly simple for SMBs. He's also a bread connoisseur.
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