How VMC-Select is bringing their Human approach online

VMC-Select is an HR consulting SMB based out of Genk, that plays an important role in connecting the right candidates to the right businesses in a market that is labor dependent.

Usman Khalil
November 8, 2020
“With the content that we now post, we have a more professional look from the outside.”

VMC-Select: a brief intro

VMC-Select is an HR consulting SMB based out of Genk, that plays an important role in connecting the right candidates to the right businesses in a market that is labor dependent. Being a small group of independent individuals who are in charge of the business they handle, VMC-Select is very responsive to their customers as they keep a close eye on how the job market is evolving.

Business as it is today

VMC-Select has an established customer base. New business trickles in through their existing database of customers and candidates. More than 80% of the business VMC-Select carries out is through cold-calling and word of mouth. They also routinely advertise in traditional media, which often becomes the first touchpoint with new candidates. Candidates are then interviewed over the phone/video, after which they’re invited for an interview. It is a route that has worked for VMC-Select and one that they will keep using.

But two things have encouraged Peter Vleeschouwers and Eline Staelens to pursue the digital route. One; as the demographics change, the number of qualified candidates for an available position has decreased. Two; it is important to get involved in discussions about the topics that your niche is interested in and create/curate content around it.

Steadily transforming to digital...

There are several ways to attract candidates. A lot of traditional methods are already being used by Peter and his team at VMC-Select. Since VMC-Select excels in those methods, they have a great impact, finding new candidates and clients to work with through the traditional methods. But they wanted to have a similar impact through online channels as well.

Their goal was to reach more people through their online (social media and web) presence and tap into the pool of potential candidates and customers present on these channels. The VMC- Select team of business managers all have strong networks on Linkedin. They now want to leverage those channels by getting involved in discussions that are important to them and their target audience. They find that having a presence on these networks doesn’t just mean sharing job vacancies. It means sharing more content that is relevant to their target audience. And indeed this evergreen approach of caring for what your target audience cares about helps VMC- Select get candidates interested in what they are offering, and take a look at their website.

Achieving the Goal

This doesn’t mean that they’re completely letting go of what they’re great at. On the contrary, this means that they’re setting themselves up for success to be able to grow in the future. Establishing a presence with the expertise content means that VMC-Select can enjoy a more professional look from outside.

Plus it is easy to get the right consistency of activity on social media with a convenient schedule.

Onwards and upwards

VMC-Select is not looking for aggressive growth at the moment, but they’re setting themselves up for growth in the future. Their approach of building strong connections with their audience, customers, and partners has been successful, and the next step will be extending that approach into the digital sphere steadily to attract candidates and clients alike.

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