Webinar: The Future is here -Social Media Trends 2023
+ Chat GPT x Willow

Tues February 28th, 10:00 - 11:00 am
Webinar (Dutch)

Are you ready to take your social media strategy to the next level? Join us for a deep dive into the latest trends for 2023. Our social media experts will guide you through the must-know changes in the social media landscape, and help you stay ahead of the curve (together with the help of Chat GPT)

On the agenda:

  • New Trends Alert: which platforms stay relevant or become more important?
  • The impact of emerging technologies like AI on social media
  • Connecting with your audience becomes even more important! How can you engage with them more and better?
  • Chat GPT can save you up to 30% more time. How to use this to your advantage?

Look who's


Profile picture of Laura Prodan

Laura Prodan

Social Media Expert at Willow

Worked in events, PR and now for Willow, Laura is our online Marketing Specialist. Constantly evolving, learning and growing she guides her clients towards social media succes by tackling their goals one by one.

Virginie Dardenne

CS team Lead at Willow

Virginie has worked in different companies and gained a lot of new skills and insights regarding the media landscape. Her passion at Willow? How to make a positive impact on customers.
Profile picture of Ludwig Dumont

Ludwig Dumont

CEO and co-founder at Willow

Who else to better understand the issues B2B companies face? Ludwig created Willow with a deep understanding of common entrepreneurial struggles.

Brent Schepers

Account Executive

Providing SMB's the opportunity to own their social media, Brent guides you through Willow and knows the tool in and out.
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