Become a social media expert with monthly workshops

During the monthly meetings with your dedicated social media expert, you'll talk strategy and learn more about social media.

Personal Coaching

Whichever goal you want to reach, your dedicated social media expert guides you through the strategy, helps you create a content calendar and come up with engaging content. Our curriculum consists of in-depth, tactical insights. There is no fluff.

Dedicated sparring partner

Brainstorm with your social media expert. Bounce off ideas together and decide on what’s best for your strategy.

Skill development

Tips and tricks turn you into a social media expert. Learn how to write captions, create post templates, understand data, etc...

World-class curriculum

Get access to all our modules with in-depth tips and tricks. We've turned our strategies into a growth social media course.

Social media coach on a video meeting
"Our coach is great. She gives her unvarnished opinion and we can always spar with her. Willow is easy for content management and coaching. In addition, the pricing is very competitive."

Anton De Clercq


Immowi International

You will learn how to...

You’ll be guided through a carefully crafted curriculum. This will help you to finally see the wood for the trees.

Define and implement a social strategy
Create engaging posts

Learn how to write posts that spark interest. Work with templates, know exactly how to write great captions, provide value and utilize hashtags.

Understand analytics

Your social media goals determine your metrics. Learn how to measure for success and spot trends to optimize performance.

Grow your online audience
Generate leads with LinkedIn Ads
Employee network social media
Leverage your employees' network

Learn how your employees can share content that makes them look like an expert and shows that it is fun to work at your company.

"I have to admit, I pay more and more attention to our socials. Willow is clear, easy to use and I get good suggestive content. Also, our coach Maureen is a great help and super accessible. "

Sofie Vanden Berghe

HR & Marketing Manager

We Are Jane

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