One plan, one mission.
Super simple.

One plan.
One mission.
Super simple.

Coaching and an amazing platform. Cancel anytime.

Willow Classic

Our mission is to help you build a strong social media presence. We like to keep it simple: 1 prize for our winning formula with expert coaching and unlimited access to our powerful platform.

Coaching + platform
  • Dedicated social media expert from day 1
  • Monthly coaching sessions
  • All-in-one scheduling platform
  • Posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram
  • Real-time, to-the-point analytics
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Having an efficient social media solution at my fingertips and an expert I can talk to from time to time is a golden combination for me.

Jason Frazell
Success and Leadership Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for €249?

When you join forces with Willow, you will be assigned a dedicated social media expert and you'll have unlimited access to the Willow platform. With your expert you will work on a monthly basis to optimize your strategy and create your content calendar. The platform gives you inspiration - thanks to the endless stream of relevant content - and allows you to post productively - thanks to the Planner and Content Calendar.

Do you extend any discounts?

You get a 20% discount:

  • if you sign up for a year
  • if you bring in 5 potential customers
  • from the 2nd account and for every new account you open

Can I just cancel my subscription?

When you sign up for our month-over-month formula, you can cancel at any time. Please note: on social media, you do not book results from day 1. We help you build your social media presence in such a way that you achieve sustainable results in the long run.

What kind of results can I expect?

With Willow, we'll help you build a strong, professional social media presence. Depending on your objective, we'll strengthen your employer branding, your image as an expert and your thought leadership.

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