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Completely Free: 15 Hi-Res Photo, Illustration, and Video Resources You can use for Your Social Media

You know how difficult it is finding a picture on Google without having to worry about copyright claims. That, and sometimes the picture we DO have is so lo-res that it is no good for use in a social media post or on the website.
Usman Khalil
Published On
July 14, 2020

You know how difficult it is finding a picture on Google without having to worry about copyright claims. That, and sometimes the picture we DO have is so lo-res that it is no good for use in a social media post or on the website.

That's why we have put this list together. The websites we have mentioned here collectively offer a few million free photos, illustrations, and videos ranging on every topic. I don't know what's better than that.

Start discovering.



Probably the best free library of incredibly high quality stock images for use in your websites and social media posts. I even get my wallpapers from this website.


Over 2 million royalty free stock photos. Again, high quality and hi-res pictures that you can use for every occasion.


Burst has a gazillion great hi-res photos that are free for commercial use too! Check out their collections. Hint: They specialize in retail photos because well..Burst is a Shopify website.

Scared that you might be using stock photos that everybody else in the industry is already using? Search for a good one on Hi-res. No copyright issues. Download and use.


If you're in the Food industry, and for some reason don't have the time to carry out your own product photography, fear not my friend. FoodiesFeed has the most cinematic photos. The kind that would make McDonald's jealous.


These resources are amazing if you want to make someone stop scrolling. Posting consistent non-generic illustrations in your social media posts and website can reinforce your brand too. Here's a whole bunch of free illustration libraries.


A huge variety of illustrations, mockups, and pictures on every topic (Though I'm not a big fan of their photographs). You'll be able to download customizable illustrations from this website, tweak them in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and them use them wherever you like. Freepik encourages you to credit the artist when you use it.

Going for something slightly different? Undraw has a nice library of illustrations in one unique style. Switch the colors to match your brand and download these cool illustrations to add to your social media or website.

Drawkit similarly has new free illustrations available every day. Though they have a smaller library of them. They can be edited in Adobe Illustrator after you download them, or you can use them as is.

Something I came across recently and am blown away by. has tons of quirky character illustrations that you can customize right on the website, and download a small sized image for free. For more hi-res and editable files, however, you need to subscribe to the service.

Want more variety? (with 3 Ls) has a good collection of illustrations that pop. Free for Commercial and Personal Use. No crediting required. You can also download the whole pack as a compressed file. There's currently no search bar though, so you'll need to browse through the ones available.


Openpeeps is an illustration library which has hand-drawn characters. Though their characters are customizable through integrations with other software, you can download a number of ready-to-download funky "peeps". Go crazy!


Video is taking over social. You've heard the news too? Good for you then that we have these video libraries. Thousands of beautiful shots for every situation that you can download for free.


Pexel has a great video library. High-res video shots that you can either post as is on your social media or edit with some video editing software.


4K videos. Completely free. No strings attached. Are you sold yet?


When most people think Pixabay, they think photos. But they have a generous collection of 4K and HD videos for most occasions. Most of them require no credits. Just download and use.


Videvo has thousands of video shots that you can download for free, including some really cool background videos and hi-res animations.

The list doesn't end there. But you would find that these resources provide quality AND quantity, so you're good for at least a few years. I really hope these were helpful!

In a separate post, I'll also go over how you can use these free images and videos to create the perfect social media post and schedule it to the right channels.