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An Overview of the Best Performing Content for the Real Estate Industry

As in many industries, social media has grown in importance for real estate. However, it is difficult to find engaging content. This article offers inspiration and ideas on the best-performing content for real estate.
An Overview of the Best Performing Content for the Real Estate Industry
Babette Plessers
Published On
April 26, 2023

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The importance of social media for real estate can’t be overstated. Finding engaging content is difficult in any industry, but for real estate agencies even more so. Only posting house listings is not engaging enough for your public. This article shows you what to post instead.

Only posting property listings on social media does not engage your followers. This article shows what you can post in addition.

According to the National Association of Realtors, social media is an important part of scoring clients and closing deals. The association’s 2021 research shows that 97% of all homebuyers used the Internet in their home search. Social media (52%), customers relationship management (31%) and multiple listings service sites (28%) are the top three tech tools that provide realtors with quality leads. This means that social media could be a goldmine for real estate businesses assuming they have a great social media strategy.

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Deciding what channels to post on

As a realtor it is important to prioritize social media marketing platforms that make sense. Based on the previously mentioned National Association for Realtors study: 90% of realtors use Facebook. 52% are active on Instagram and 48% on LinkedIn. 

Facebook for real estate agents

Facebook is a marketing staple for real estate agents. The platform’s users represent a large part of the audience, when it comes to age and income, that realtors can target. Beyond the large audience, Facebook offers a lot of built-in business features that cater perfectly to real estate. It allows companies to publish listing-related updates and content, book appointments, communicate with customers, curate reviews, and accumulate recommendations. Moreover, Facebook ads allow realtors to directly target specific demographics.

Facebook can offer customers the chance to leave a review or recommendation.

Instagram for realtors

The use of Instagram is booming for real estate agents. According to Later, the best-scoring content are reels, visual brand storytelling, and the “no-edit edit” where photos need to look as unedited as possible. Stylish property photos and a tour in a small video reel offer customers a look behind the scenes. Additionally, Instagram Stories can help realtors provide quick and personalized property updates or give virtual tours in new properties.

On Instagram, stylish property photos go a long way to getting a bigger reach.

What to post on social media

You should consider the different types of content when posting frequently:

Post consistently and strategically

A successful social media strategy for real estate includes consistent posting and constant interactions that provide value to your audience and motivate people to keep coming back. Your goal is to create enough views so that your followers get to know you without overwhelming them.

💡TIP: switch up location tags on Instagram to boost engagement and get seen by more people

Post a mix of aspirational and celebratory content to gain traction on social media.

Actively leverage your social media accounts by posting a mix of business and personal, both aspirational and celebratory content. You can use humor, but remain appropriate and keep it related to the real estate business.

💡TIP: Read all about creating the best captions to attract people here.

Use paid ads to get ahead

As a real estate agency, you should not be afraid to use paid ads to boost your engagements and posts. On Facebook, you can target your ads to a specific audience in your chosen area. You can also choose an audience based on their spending habits, household income or relationship status. These targeted ads are a perfect way to get your houses seen by the right audience. You can even boost the ideal or preferred houses for the targeted group. The platform offers carousel ads and multi-image ads, which are great for real estate agents trying to promote listings or houses.

Share information

Potential homebuyers are not looking for constant, in-your-face promotions. They often search for information and answers to their questions. They might even be intimidated by the prospect of buying or selling. Through the use of social media, real estate agents can help walk everyone through the sales process. 

Explaining difficult terms or offering information can help customers in their process of gaining their footing in the sales process.

By explaining difficult parts of the sales process or sharing simple tips, the realtor creates a two-way conversation thereby engaging their followers. Being helpful builds trust and an authentic relationship with your audience. For example, you can educate your followers about real estate trends or offer real estate advice on your audience’s dream home.

💡TIP: Engage your audience by asking them what they want to know

Share industry news

To showcase your expertise and thought leadership in your industry or niche, you can post important industry news. The real estate market is constantly evolving no matter where you do business. Industry reports can help keep your clients in the loop and shows that you are an active participant in your industry. It builds trust and credibility with your audience.

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Give advice 

Creating a shared, helpful experience for your audience can take many forms. You can take an advising role. By offering advice in different areas relating to real estate, you can demonstrate your knowledge about your industry. This will help you establish yourself as an authority in your sector. Advice can range from styling tips to tiny homes, to how to build your dream house. You can also include facts about your sector that people are unlikely to know.

Giving advice on difficult topics builds trust and credibility with your audience.

Tell/sell a story

Incorporating storytelling is a great way for real estate agents to help drive greater engagement and build trust with your audience. You can do this by talking about the neighborhood where listings are. This creates a compelling picture for a potential buyer and makes them actually want to live in the area. 

By creating a compelling story, your customer gets a better picture of what you are selling.

💡TIP: Use the right real estate hashtags to optimize your content. Learn how to use hashtags.

Another way to use story telling is by including client testimonials, where happy customers share their experiences via short videos or quotes. Social media should also be used to remember past clients and maintain the relationship with clients after the closing papers are signed. That way, when they are ready to move again or need to recommend a real estate agent to family or friends, your agency will be top of mind. 

A last way to incorporate storytelling is to share milestones related to your business. You can share anniversaries, new logos, rebranding, a new website and so on.

Sharing milestones of your company shows the road you have already conquered to get where you are. 

Use great visuals

Getting professional photos taken can be expensive, but it is often worth it to pay for it. If you do not have the budget, you can use free stock photos to spruce up your posts. Unsplash and have some great real estate-related photos. Great visuals and infographics will attract your audience and capture their attention.

To capture your audience entirely, you should try to customize your photos with text, shapes and icons to cater to the message you want to send to your target audience. Infographics, for example, are an exquisite way to engage with people and provide an easy way to consume content.

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In conclusion: Do not be shy about what you are selling, but make sure to offer your followers diverse content!