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US Business Coaches to Follow on Linkedin

We went and scoured our network for the crème de la crème of business coaches in the US.
US Business Coaches to Follow on Linkedin
Usman Khalil
Published On
May 20, 2020

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Over in the US, Silicon Valley and New York are loaded with influencers, thought-leaders, and business gurus. However, few actually bring value and wisdom to the people and businesses they get in touch with. So we went and scoured our network for the crème de la crème; individuals who deserve to be thrust into the spotlight. For you, dear reader, following their social media channels provides an opportunity to learn from the best.

Mark diTargiani

Mark diTargiani is a sales coach who believes in and preaches bringing value to customers to boost sales. Formerly a teacher, he brings his unique perspective and insight to the sales world, which has had great results. We can confirm, even a simple chat with him can teach you loads about how to approach prospects and turn them into customers by being transparent and listening.

You can follow him on Linkedin here to tap into his insights on business and sales.

Jason Frazell

Jason Frazell is a top-shelf business coach who loves to spread positivity. His Instagram feed is a breath of fresh air and carries that daily dose of motivation that we so desperately need these days. Jason also runs a podcast where he chats with everyone from up-and-coming business leaders to college students to NAVY seals because in his words, “everyone has a story to tell.”

If you’re looking for a way to stay updated with the latest news from the business world, you should definitely follow him on Linkedin.

Glenn Perkins

Glenn Perkins has been leading businesses for two decades before becoming an executive coach. Drawing on his wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and business operations leader at Northrop Grumman, he lends his support to teams and empowers them.  Glenn also maintains an active presence on Linkedin where he posts pertinent tips for business owners. Following him on his Linkedin is doing yourself a favor. You can find him here.

James Loperfido

James Loperfido is a business development superstar based in New York, who is focused on ushering in the blockchain revolution and helping businesses adapt. There’s a lot of chatter about tech innovation, tech in health, and IoT. If you want to cut through that and tap into expert insights about those happening topics, you will want to follow James on Linkedin.

You can follow his posts on LinkedIn here.

Brian Mohr

“When it comes to accelerating personal and professional growth, it’s quite helpful to instead slow down.” By creating a foundation of mindfulness, gratitude, and love, Brian guides his clients to reframe their perspective, tap into intuition, and elevate performance. That sounds like a mouthful, sure, but as Brian has found, entrepreneurship and mindfulness are a powerful pair. And that’s what he advises people about on his socials too. Connect with him on Linkedin here.

Doris Pickering

Doris Pickering is the Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Speaks, where she teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals to communicate effectively. After years spent working with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley, she now helps business leaders with her Can-Do attitude. Her online presence also consists of her infectious charisma, making a case for effective communication and showing people how it’s done in her educational posts and videos. You can follow her Linkedin here.

Joanne Tan

Joanne Tan builds brands for businesses and professionals since she has a deep understanding of the brand DNA. She shares her opinions about how to create brand stories and amplify brand messaging on websites, LinkedIn, with content and videos. With the competition rising every day for brands, especially in saturated markets, her Linkedin feed is a lesson in being memorable as a brand in this day and age.

You can find and follow her Linkedin here.

Sunil Bhaskaran

Sunil Bhaskaran helps to scales businesses with clarified, compelling, and profit-making branding that sets them apart. Using a grounded approach, he helps SMBs build up a large which can make for a steady stream of high paying clients. The journey starts with their workshop. But he is more than that. He is a networking giant and helps people and businesses world over link up with each other and find their audience. You can become part of his network and follow him on Linkedin here.

Veronica Taylor

Verónica Taylor is an operations expert with 20 years of experience in creating customer-centric operations that turn regular clients into raving fans. She helps small-to-midsize businesses gain insights into common customer pain points, how to improve customer experience and define what customers need and want. The value she brings to her clients as well as her audience and network on social media speaks for itself.

Follow her on Linkedin here if you want some of her expertise to rub off on you.

The amazing people on this list have inspired us and will, in the very least, make scrolling your Linkedin feed a very productive exercise. Be sure to give them all a “follow”!