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Easy Ways to Grow your Linkedin Company Page

Implement these simple tips to grow your Linkedin company page.
Easy Ways to Grow your Linkedin Company Page
Usman Khalil
Published On
February 26, 2020

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Linkedin is an amazing platform for building an audience. The audience on Linkedin is ready to learn, be inspired, and interact. There is less selling and more helping.

Which doesn’t mean businesses don’t sell on Linkedin. On the contrary, Linkedin is the most successful platform for B2B companies. So this strategy is for those SMBs that have started out on Linkedin and are looking for an easy way to grow their company page.

Invite your connections

Here’s how you can do that. 

If you haven’t already go to your company page on Linkedin, and in the Admin tools menu, click on Invite connections (as shown here)


There's a limit of 100 invite credits a month per Company. So if your Company Page has more than 1 Admin, you can divide the 100 invites among yourselves. This way you invite only people who would really benefit from following your Company Page. And then you wait for them to accept your requests.

But that’s nothing new. What business owners don’t realize is that they have a potential gold mine in their employees’ and customers’ networks. 

Employees as Ambassadors

An employee can be your biggest ambassador. According to G2 Learning Hub, an average employee has about 1090 social connections and twice the reach of corporate accounts. If at an SMB you have 5-10 employees, you’re looking at a potential network of 8-10k people to leverage.

According to a Nielsen study, people are 83% more likely to convert because of a recommendation from friends. 

But your employees become your ambassadors when they believe the business is bringing about a positive change in the community. The point here is, you can’t force it.

Tag employees in relevant posts

It’s not usual for every SMB to take this approach. Tagging all your employees in irrelevant posts is not the ideal tactic. Instead, make your posts relevant to your employees, to begin with, and instead of tagging them in the post, start a discussion in the comments. 

Did you post something about sales? Tag your resident salesperson in the comments. 

Share their post

Some employees are active on Linkedin. They post about their personal and professional achievements. As an employer, you can leverage their activity by sharing it.

The employee is happy that you gave them a boost by giving you an endorsement and you can enjoy the engagement (likes, shares, clicks) that the shared post attracts. It’s a win-win.

Ask them to invite their connections

But you can go beyond that. As we discussed above, Linkedin allows you to invite your connections. But you can extend this ability to your employees too.

All you’ll have to do first is to make them an admin of your company page. And then they can choose to send out an invite to all of their connections, or hand-pick the best ones. 

To make someone an admin, 

  1. Sign in to your Page admin center.
add linkedin admins
  1. Click Admin tools at the top right of your company page and select Manage admins.
  2. Type in the name of the person you want to add (Note: You must already be connected with them)

Then they can Invite connections from the Admin tools menu. Easy peasy. And since it utilizes the trust people have with their friends and connections on Linkedin, it works better too.

This technique works better for SMBs because of their simple hierarchy and stronger relationships within the team. 

Send them a notification when you post

Here’s a new one: Now you can send a notification to your employees when you post something on Linkedin.

Even a simple like from a handful of co-workers can increase your content’s visibility. In turn, their followers can see the post, and maybe even follow the page!

Note: It’s restricted to one notification per week (to make sure you’re not spamming them with notifications they don’t need).

Note II: There’s a chance that Linkedin might not have rolled out this feature in your part of the country.

Customers as ambassadors

A happy customer can be your biggest advocate. Recognizing happy customers and allowing them to grow your network is something not enough businesses do consciously.

Write about their problems

Good businesses are built around solving the problems people have. As long as you solve people’s problems, your business can stay relevant. 

What’s better is that talking about your customers’ problems can help your followers’ network maintain a sustained healthy growth too. 

For Linkedin, this means posting content that solves your customers’ problems. It doesn’t always have to be created content. You can find good content that makes your customers’ lives easier and post it through your channels, use the right hashtags, and you’re golden! 

Tag them in the post comments

Your customers and your future customers are your target audience. When you write about them, and you know that it is going to be especially helpful for a particular customer, go ahead and tag them in the comments. It’ll help to improve your relationship with the customer primarily. It will also allow you to tap into their network when they reply to your comment.

Ask them to share it

Or better yet, ask them to share it. No better way to capture the attention of the customer’s network than with their stamp of approval. If a customer chooses to share it, their audience will take time to browse what you shared, and even drop you a follow.

None of these techniques are complicated and they’re very effective. Social media algorithms are favoring interactions between friends, and these are a few concrete ways to take advantage of that.