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LinkedIn Content: What to Focus on in 2022

Inform your content strategy on LinkedIn with these tips. We took a step back and looked at our LinkedIn content and advice from experts to see what we could improve.
LinkedIn Content: What to Focus on in 2022
Usman Khalil
Published On
January 13, 2021

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Last year we wrote about getting your content noticed on LinkedIn in 2020. A few things have changed since then on the platform. So in December 2020, we took a step back and looked at our LinkedIn content and advice from experts to see what we could improve. Turns out, a lot. Let's take a look.

1. People-centric content

Our top 10 pieces of content (by most impression and most interactions) were all very different in format. They varied from blog links, to pictures of an employee, to videos of CXOs.

And yet they all had one thing in common: They were all about people. People joining our team, or celebrating work anniversaries, or just celebrating partners, and customers. So here's the very obvious takeaway: Keep people at the center of your LinkedIn content. Write about them, post their pictures, tag them, congratulate them, and interact with them.

Seems obvious, but we tend to forget.

2. Top 10 lists

Lists of top ten influencers in the industry remain our most popular pieces of content on LinkedIn. They got the highest number of shares and impressions of a piece of content. Again, this is people-centric content.

Takeaway: Creating "Best of" lists of people who have influenced you in the form of a blog or a LinkedIn text post is a great way to get their attention, reach their sizable network's LinkedIn feeds, and get an influx of followers in the process. However, blatantly tagging a lot of people without having a good reason has the inverse effect. Here's an example of how to do it well.

People who are mentioned in a post that appreciates them often interact with it. And if they're growing personal brands, then it helps you get some good visibility too.

3. Posting regularly

A timeless content strategy is to post regularly. As a personal LinkedIn account, posting every day is ideal, no matter how small the post. If you cannot, set a realistic but consistent rate of posting for yourself and stick to it. At the end of the day, staying top-of-mind trumps the numbers of likes any day.

This works even better for personal brands such as Dave Harland, Khalid Saleh, Chris Walker, and Eddie Shleyner.

The content posted by these people consists of short text posts, long form text posts, and videos. But they generally choose one format and stick to it. That repetition helps memorability in the audience's minds. Not to mention some really good genuine engagement.

Takeaway: Strong personal brands posting consistently can contribute to building brand awareness for small businesses you would otherwise never hear about.

4. Post Native Content

LinkedIn prioritizes native content over external content. Native content gets more impressions than links and videos from external websites link Medium or Youtube.

So this one's pretty straightforward: Post more native LinkedIn content. This includes text posts, LinkedIn articles, LinkedIn native video, LinkedIn live, documents as pdfs.

I'll leave it at that.

5. LinkedIn Carousels get most Dwell Time

PDFs posted as carousels succeeded in 2020 in getting the highest amount of dwell time (+40-60% compared to last year).

This was clear from the average engagement rate of around 15% we got on our PDF carousels.

In 2020, dwell time became a big factor in deciding the reach of your content.

Dwell time is a combination of 2 durations. First, how long a piece of content stays in your LinkedIn feed. Second, how much time is spent consuming the content after the first click eg. click on See More.

Takeaway: Post content that keeps people engaged for a longer period of time eg. carousels, videos, long-text posts.

Apps like Canva & Contentdrips can help you create carousel PDFs in a very short time.

6. Personal Brands > Company Page

Over the past year, we've also noticed that LinkedIn is giving less priority to content from LinkedIn Company Pages, and more to content posted by LinkedIn profiles.

From our experience, the same content posted from personal profiles has seen 1.5-2 times the reach of our company page. Takeaway: Post more often from your personal profiles. Encourage your employees to share company blogs, photos, and their experiences.

It's always scarier to start posting regularly on LinkedIn but having post ideas for the whole year can already get you a good start. And Willow can do just that for your personal brand. Start our free trial or get a free demo of Willow.

7. Encourage engagement

Encouraging engagement in posts is a great way to get more out of your content on LinkedIn.

It is popular belief among LinkedIn experts that getting good engagement on your post in the first hour of posting decides whether it will continue to get more visibility.

For example running a LinkedIn poll, asking people's feedback or opinion in the comments, or asking people to react with a certain emoji to vote are a few ideas that are pretty popular right now.

The key is to get people to react genuinely.

8. The dominance of video

More video. According to LinkedIn, videos get 3 times the engagement of text posts. And LinkedIn live gets 7 times the reactions and 24x the comments that a native LinkedIn video receives. I think the answer is clear. Post. more. video. content.

It's great if you can talk to a camera and not be nervous. If you cannot, there are still a bunch of ways you can post video content.

Lumen5 allows you to create videos from your blogs instantly.

Wavve allows you to create audiogram (waveforms) from a podcast or video to create short videos.

Promo gives you templates to create videos quickly and easily.

If nothing else, create amazing content that resonates with your audience and you will never have to worry about what format or practice is working best this year. 🙂

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