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Top 5 B2B Social Media Feeds (with Examples)

Social media is a challenge for B2B businesses. It's not always like you can hire an attractive Instagram influencer to showcase your product and generate some buzz. So it's difficult to figure out what to talk about because why would your audience be excited about what you're selling? That's the million-dollar question. And that's what these businesses have managed to succeed at.


Usman Khalil

April 8, 2021

4 min read

Social media is a challenge for B2B businesses. It's not always like you can hire an attractive Instagram influencer to showcase your product and generate some buzz. So it's difficult to figure out what to talk about because why would your audience be excited about what you're selling? That's the million dollar question.

But experts say, the difference between B2B and B2C has slowly diminished. Whether you're selling direct to consumers or to businesses, people are people. No one is immune to a unique, human brand, fresh colors, and pure WIIFM value.

These B2B professional service brands are nailing it. 👇

Madou Vandromme Accountancy

The Madou Vandromme Accountancy is hits all the right notes. They're not trying to be quirky or over reaching with their brand. They're just brilliantly using what they have: their expertise.

Their social media feed is a full of the right things you want to hear from your accounting firm at the right times.

Providing real value to consumers with their Timely tips & news

Keeping up with changing regulations is tough work. So this company took it upon itself to keep people informed about the most important changes AND simplified it for them.

The best part? They keep it simple. The image isn't heavy on the branding. There is usually no link, unless important. The caption contains all the good stuff. It is a slightly long explanation but worth reading. So more often than not, people click See More, and that indicates to Facebook that people like this piece of content.

madou vandromme example 1
madou vandromme eg 2

Showcasing their experts

madou vandromme eg 3

Like a lot of professional services, for Madou Vandromme Accountancy their experts are one of their biggest assets. So they put them front and central. They put their faces and their voice in the post and write it like a letter so it feels even more personal.

It is great for their experts who feel validated, and their audience who can count on the people that make up the business.


Slack has one of the most entertaining social media feeds to follow.

They keep it light and fun

slack eg 1
slack eg 3

...and they know how to stand out. For instance this rather weird marketing stunt that they pulled last week that had everyone asking...

Love it or hate it, they turned a few heads. But that might not always be the right approach for an expertise-driven business.

Here's what is..

Engaging with their audience

They encourage their audience to interact with them. And they practice what they preach. They respond to people who comment on their posts....

slack eg 3 well as people who mention them anywhere else on social media. They have an active social media listening and community management team that makes sure mentions of their name on social media don't go unheard.

That adds to their visibility. Every time they comment on a post, they show up in people's social media feeds.

Putting their people first

slack eg 4

Slack is pioneering remote work, but they're not luring you in by making you read a dozen advantages of it. They're using their employees and interns as examples. 10 happy faces say more than 10 Reasons You Should Switch to Remote Work. A picture is worth.. yada yada. You get it.


As a consultancy, AJ&Smart sets the bar incredibly high. They do an incredible job with their thought-leadership.

Valuable content + Easy on the eyes

ajs eg 1

AJ&Smart has a strong visual brand. Their carousels are vibrant, packed with information, and displayed in a way a 10 year old can understand. And that is powerful.

PDF carousels are the most engaged with content on LinkedIn at the moment, and they take full advantage of that fact.

They tell relatable stories

ajs eg 2

AJ&Smart doesn't hesitate to post long captions which tell a story. And they understand the importance of a first line to hook their audience in and click See More.

ajs eg 3

Axis Group - HR Advisor

Another great example: Axis Group. They understand how important an online presence is and that shows.

Lots of social engagement content, a great content mix

axis eg 1
axis eg 2

"The most important thing in HR is people," they say. And Axis Group backs it up by sharing their employees posts and faces on their page. This increases their employees reach, uplifts them, and is so much more authentic.

Plus, it boosts the Axis Group employer brand. Win-win.

They're not afraid of the difficult conversations

axis eg 3
axis eg 4

True value is being able to make difficult conversations easy for businesses. It's easy for a business to go silent during such times but that's where Axis Group leads from the front in difficult times. They're not afraid to talk about their own experiences to learn from and use that to teach their clients important lessons.

This increases people's trust in them, and makes them easy to start a conversation with.

You can be the 5th Top B2B in this list!

A good social media feed doesn't just look good. It has positive results for business.

  1. It allows these businesses to stay top of their target audiences minds. People genuinely look out for the content they post.
  2. Their social media feed generates positive word of mouth, and that can bring in new customers or job applications from quality candidates.

In our free e-book, we've detailed how you can win against the competition on social media by taking just 6 steps. Ready to start straight away? Dive into Willow's free trial now!

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