How Axis is building an expertise-driven brand

Axis sought Willow to help solve part of their problem; to start maintaining a consistent stream of expertise content on their social media channels.


Usman Khalil

April 8, 2021


Axis Group: An intro

Axis Group is a leading name in the HR industry with a growing business in the BENELUX region. They provide employment opportunities for a wide variety of professions including insurance, finance, legal, HR, and sales. They also offer their recruitment services to businesses for short and long term projects and executive positions. Apart from their usual offerings, Axis Group also provides Finance & Management training courses for any organization that requires them.

Case Overview

Being an established business in the HR space, their main focus is building long term relationships with clients and candidates and to offer them the services they need in this fluctuating work environment. The Axis team provides its expertise to the different types of business units it serves. Most of their time and effort goes into it. But while they’re great at what they do, it was still a challenge to establish an online connection with their audience and maintain these long-term relationships by providing them with the right content at the right time.

Their Marketing Manager saw this and realized that they could build that connection by leveraging their expertise. They also needed to show their audience that they were up to speed with the latest developments in the industry.

Their opportunities:

  1. Continue building brand awareness
  2. Communicate about their thought leadership in their areas of expertise
  3. Show that Axis is a company in motion, evolving to face the challenges of tomorrow and its knowledge of the latest developments in their specific sectors.


Of course, success wasn’t achieved overnight. Their strategy needed to address their complete online presence: social media channels, content creation, social media ads, websites, and personal profiles.

Axis sought Willow to help solve part of their problem; to start maintaining a consistent stream of expertise content on their social media channels. It helped their Marketing manager save the time she spent searching for good content or creating good content regularly.

But Axis went beyond that; to get good engagement from their audience and build a connection, they started posting a more diverse content mix.

They also focused their efforts on the most important channels for them. As a trusted HR advisor, the most important channel to connect with their audience is Linkedin. So they focused on establishing their presence on that platform.

Broadly speaking, these three factors define their strategy on Linkedin:

  • Regular announcements of the events they are attending and will be attending in the future.
  • Keeping their experts key and central by sharing their content. And showing their faces to make sure that the brand appears human and approachable.
  • Sharing industry news from their perspective.

Achieving the Goal

Just this last year, Axis Group increased its Linkedin following by an impressive 70%. Brand awareness and recognition have also improved. Axis Group has a lively brand, with an approachable outlook. And they’re also building social proof!

Axis Group focuses on building social proof with Trustpilot reviews

With a well-rounded strategy, Axis managed to get good results by focusing on the right things.

This is a great model to emulate for any HR business looking to establish their presence and build a connection with their audience online.

Onwards and upwards

Elke, known as ‘Elle’ within the company, knows they’re far from done. She has worked hard to get the Axis Group brand here, but she realizes there’s a long way to go.

This means:

Axis Group is also aiming for a personalized experience for their audiences in the future. Which means getting the right message to the right people at the right time. Good luck to the entire team!

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