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What Should I Post on Social Media

Here's what you should post on social media to build on your brand, generate leads, and establish your employer brand.
What Should I Post on Social Media
Usman Khalil
Published On
April 9, 2023

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We’ve all struggled with it. If you’re managing your company’s socials, eventually you run into a wall thinking about what to post. You can’t post too much of the same either or your followers think you’re a robot. So you spend too much time just planning. Which is why this guide exists.

Not only will this list of content ideas inspire you, it will also tell you which type of content to go for to achieve your objective.

Tip of the Week

Brand Awareness

Your teammates/boss might be brimming with wisdom which your followers could really benefit from. Don’t overthink it. Go to Canva, pull up a nice template, add a graphic and the tip, and you’re good to go!

Team Picture

Brand Awareness, Employer Branding

You’ve probably got your folder full of pictures of your team having a good time. It doesn’t always need to be some event. You could just be having fun at the office. Group them together, post them with a nice caption. Or you could just do a #ThrowbackThursday!

Week Closing

Brand Awareness, Employer Branding

Like I said, it doesn’t need to be some great event. It’s a Friday, you’re switching from work mode to weekend mode. That warrants a post for sure. It shows your followers that you’re human. Believe it or not, they need a reminder of that every now and then.

Quote of the Week

Brand Awareness

Heard a great quote on a podcast recently? Did the Elon Musk of your industry say something disruptive that you endorse? Use a simple template like this, add the quote, the person who said it, and remember to tag them! Who knows, they might like that you shared their quote.

Employee Testimonial

Brand Awareness

As we mentioned in our Employer Branding for Social Media guide, one of the best things you can post on your social media as an employer is an employee testimonial. And it speaks for itself. Quite literally. Use a simple template like the one above. Again, don’t forget to tag them so they can share it with their network too!

Customer Testimonial

Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

Have happy customers who have left reviews on your social media, Google My Business or said something to you which they don’t mind you sharing? That is gold! Put that social proof into a Canva or Visme template and tag them in the post!

Repurposing your blog

It isn’t easy to come up with a good blog every now and then (believe me), which is why, when you do write a blog, make the most of it! We’ll tell you how.

Blog post

Lead generation, Brand Awareness

Like you normally do after writing a blog, post it on all your channels. No rocket science here. It shows up as a clickable card with the headline pulled from the link. It’s great for leading people back to your website.

Teaser Video

Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

Tools like Lumen5 and Kapwing make it so easy for you to input your blog’s link into their platform, choose images that go with the text and in 5 minutes you have a short video. It’s so simple it’s crazy. Try it. And no, we don’t get paid to promote them.

Use a blog where you list down some techniques or tips, and then mention 3 or 4 in the video so you can ask viewers to go to your website to read the rest of them.

Carousel post

Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

LinkedIn allows you to post documents now. When you post it, it forms a carousel. You can use this to create a pdf of important pointers from the blog alongside captivating visuals. Making it can be pretty easy with Canva or Visme too.

Mention 3 or 4 tips from your blog in the carousel so you can ask viewers to go to your website to read the rest of them.

Repost blog

Lead Generation, Brand Awareness

After some time has passed, you can repost the blog if it doesn’t get outdated. The more evergreen blogs you have on your blog, the more you can repost them. This article you’re reading is one such example. We can always add more to it, or edit it to keep it relevant and helpful for you.


Lead Generation, Brand Awareness

Use Canva or Visme to put together a small infographic with nice small visuals. Find some stats around your industry and product, or use stats from your own organization’s research/experience.

Industry News & Updates

Article Link

Brand Awareness

Posting trending industry news helps you show yourself as a thought leader in your industry. At Willow we help you find such content, and pot it to your channels through our platform. You can also set up Google Alerts for relevant news to reach you, or post some article you came across. You can tag the writer or business in the post for additional visibility.

Industry News: Slides

Brand Awareness

Find a relevant article/report that has some impact for your followers? You can use Canva to make a small slideshow, save it as a pdf, and upload it on LinkedIn as a pdf. PDF Slides can get a lot of engagement on LinkedIn. Do use them to your advantage.

AMA: Ask Me Anything/Ask a Question

Brand Awareness, Lead Generation


Social media is a dialogue. Sometimes, don’t overthink it. Ask your followers a question. How do they solve a certain problem? How are they spending their holidays? Is there a question they would like to ask you?

Office Tour

Employer Branding

Moved into a new office recently? Take pictures, put them together, post them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can also post multiple pictures to multiple platforms at the same time through Willow.

New Employee

Employer Branding

Post a picture or a short Boomerang video of a new employee in the organization. It can be uplifting for them too! Tag them so they can share it with their network too.

Jop Opening

Employer Branding

Looking for a new employee? Post the job offering in an original way, Bonus points if you manage to include something about your company culture. This gives applicants a taste of what to expect when working at your company.

Company News

Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

Got some news you want to share with everyone? You should definitely be sharing that on your social media channels. Write a short write-up on your blog and share the link, or share the relevant picture.

Company Values

Employer Branding

Every company has company values but you can stand out by demonstrating them or talking about them on your social media. Make a short video or share an employee’s story. It can encourage them and future employees to join your organization.

Company Video

Brand Awareness, Lead Generation

If you have a company video, don’t let it just live on your website. Post it on your channels. Let the world know what you’re about.

Bookmark this article. Might come in handy the next time you’re stuck trying to figure out what to post.

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