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Contento is now Willow!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Contento is now Willow. I don't know if you've been catching the hints we've been dropping from time to time on social media and email, but I'm thrilled to finally share this with everyone.
Contento is now Willow!
Ludwig Dumont
Published On
November 8, 2020

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Contento is now Willow.

I don't know if you've been catching the hints we've been dropping from time to time on social media and email, but I'm thrilled to finally share this with everyone.

What's new

Short answer: A WHOLE LOT! We've got a new look: a visual overhaul, if you will.

Long answer:

The new name

The move comes courtesy of a lot of exciting new features being rolled out, an internal push to rebrand, and an external complication that caused us to separate from the name 'Contento'. We'll spare you the details. But that name has served us well ever since we kicked off in 2018.

After months of deliberation, we decided on the name Willow. It's a word associated with growth that is organic and sustained. And quite simply, it's a fun word to utter and it's easy to remember. Willow. See what we mean? And it's also a palindrome, wait no it's not.

The new brand and logo

We've got a shiny new logo to go along with the new name. It needed to reflect our values as well as what we're trying to achieve with our amazing customers: To help them stand out against their competition powered by a no-nonsense, no BS strategy. And it achieves that in some style.

See if you can spot those ideas in this clean, beautiful wordmark.

willow wordmark

The logo is followed closely by a fresh palette of colors to support our brand and help us catch your eye out in the wild:


The new website

With the new brand, colors, logo and visual style, our website is undergoing renovation too! All the goodness of the old website with more clarity. We're making things easier to understand. Minimum glitz. Maximum functionality. And that means easier decision-making for you, our guests on the website. 🙂

We're bringing more free value to you. Our new website hosts the following.

E-book: Win on Social Media

Our free e-book Win on Social Media, which has seen hundreds of downloads in just a few weeks. Subscribe here to read about the 6-step Willow formula.

Willow Academy

A gold mine of tutorials, insights, and tips on social media, content marketing, and everything in between. Every week new insights are added to the collection. Subscribe here to get smart and social.

And 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

Free Consultations

We're giving businesses and thought-leaders a free social media audit and score!

  • We'll give you / your business a qualitative assessment of how well you're doing against our 6 key metrics for social media
  • And based on your score, we'll show you how to improve!

Hit the button on the top-right to book a free consultation right away!

New features in the Willow web app

Earlier this week we wrote to our customers about a slew of new features, and additions to our service that will soon be launched. These additions have been requested frequently by our esteemed customers, and it'll help them accomplish their social media objectives a lot easier.

Here are the latest ones we're launching


From now on you get the best articles, organized by Topic. Unlimited, hyper-relevant and of the highest quality.

Marketing Calendar

An extensive overview of all relevant events and important holidays. So you can remember to create a thoughtful post on that day.

Post examples

Countless examples of the ideal social media post for every business objective and how to create them. So you always know what you're aiming for.

Employee Engagement

Encouraging your co-workers to engage with your content can instantly increase its reach to their networks too. That's why we're soon launching a new feature which allows customers to share posts instantly with their co-workers. So they can engage with the amazing content and share it with their network too!

What stays the same

For our customers, who have been kept in the loop about this rebrand, the level of service will remain at the same high standard.

We're spending the same amount of human hours into creating strategy, making social media easier, and providing guidance with our expertise.

Our values remain unchanged. We want to always be transparent and no-nonsense in the way we talk and advise. We want to always be supportive of your business and its goals. And we want to be focused on your long term growth. Your goals are ours and we want you to achieve them with Willow by your side.

We can't wait for you to experience the new brand and write amazing stories of success with us.