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How Small Businesses Can and Should Develop Thought-Leadership

A strong personal brand and leading with your expertise is the way forward.


Steven van Kerkhoven

February 13, 2020

4 min read

Let’s start this contribution with a very simple question. A question to which - we’re pretty confident - the answer will be ‘yes’. Otherwise, something might be wrong… or you might have to consider a change of activity. Ready for it?

As a small business owner, do you feel like you are an expert at what you do? In other words: do you know your stuff?

Yes, right?! Great! Now, let’s put that expertise to work and make it benefit your business!

How, you say? By using it to position yourself as an opinion leader on the online channels, aka social media.

Many small businesses fail to do so because they think it takes too much time and effort.  But the truth is that the web is full of interesting and compelling content related to your sector or field of activity. You just have to find it, add a reflection or an expert opinion, and share it on your socials. Throw in a reference to your own business and you’re good to go.

That’s how thought leadership is built. And your followers and potential customers will love it. Here’s why:

People are getting tired of the numerous advertisements, giveaways and other marketing messages they are confronted with on a daily basis. Try to be the bringer of change. Give them something they value, like an interesting read about the sector you’re in. Do it on a regular basis, shine your light of expertise on the content of the article, and you’ll eventually gain the trust of those who read your contributions. And motivate new potential customers to follow you.

Credit:  Social Signal
Credit: Social Signal

Trust is probably the best foundation to build a long lasting relationship with your (future) customers. At least, a better foundation than any wheedling marketing campaign or sales’ email message will create.

Does this mean you have to stop talking about discounts and special promotions? Of course not. But try to bring at least some variation. Your followers will be thankful!

Don’t feel comfortable getting started? Feel free to drop us a line. We’ll help you out!

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