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Willow receives the Pay it Forward Award 2019 from Imec.istart

Willow receives the Pay it Forward Award 2019 from Imec.istart
Ludwig Dumont
Published On
April 25, 2023

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How time flies. Feels like only yesterday that we pitched Willow to imec.istart and a few days later were selected along with 10 other amazing companies for the program, all of which was an amazing learning experience for us.

It’s been more than a year since we graduated from the program and yesterday at the imec.istart BBQ, among the great company, we were grateful to receive the Pay it Forward Award 2019. We’re ecstatic to say the least for a couple of reasons

Firstly, to have been recognized from amongst a number of truly brilliant startups, it is an honor. We’re humbled that our efforts caught their eye.

Secondly, and more importantly, this is exactly what we have been aiming for, and will continue to aim for. We’ve touted it in our tagline up until now ‘helping small businesses shine online’ but this award is a validation that we have been, at some level, successful in doing so!

There’s nothing that motivates us more than just being able to help, allowing other small businesses to get more attention and grow. Here’s to hoping and aiming to keep being Santa’s little helpers, supporting small businesses around the globe.