Google invests in SME agency Willow

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Ludwig Dumont
January 7, 2020

"In essence, at Willow we focus on making digital marketing as simple as possible for SMEs"

Google invests an unmentioned amount in the young Antwerp agency Willow to ensure that Google's products are also accessible to SMEs for efficient digital marketing. "In essence, at Willow we focus on making digital marketing as simple as possible for SMEs," says Ludwig Dumont, CEO of Willow, at PUB. "The proposal that Google made us fits in with this picture."

Willow is an Imec start-up and has been providing social media services for almost two years and now works for more than 120 Belgian and American customers. All the while it has built up a good feeling for the SME market. That has to do with the unique business model, can be heard at the agency: social media experts who provide personal services as account managers, linked to a smart technology platform where the customer can go to the planning and the results at all times: "This 'magic combination' ensures that Willow can offer social media services that are both affordable and effective."

A specialized go-to-market team from Google noticed Willow, and saw a big match in the mutual objectives. This is how this remarkable collaboration came about. Ludwig Dumont: “It was always on our schedule to broaden the scope of our services. Social Media is an important component in the online presence of a company, but not the only one. Google came at a perfect moment for us with this proposal to partner. We have built up a nice clientele, which we will now be able to support even better in expanding their online presence. ”

Just like the effective use of social media for your company, online advertising has also become a real science, says Steven van Kerkhoven, COO of Willow: “A lot of money and time is wasted on advertising campaigns that yield little to nothing. We are pleased that thanks to this partnership we will also be able to help SMEs on the road to online success in the area of ​​Google Ads. That has been our mission from the start. ”

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Ludwig Dumont
Ludwig is the CEO of Willow. He believes in making marketing stupidly simple for SMBs. He's also a bread connoisseur.
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