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Seven to watch | Some of the most influential Belgian businesspeople on LinkedIn

With the end of the year very near, we thought it made sense to compile a list of the influential Belgian entrepreneurs on the professional social network LinkedIn.
Ludwig Dumont
Published On
April 6, 2020

With the end of the year very near, we thought it made sense to compile a list of the influential Belgian entrepreneurs on the professional social network LinkedIn. These entrepreneurs are well-connected business leaders who engage quite often with content that other posts, have a lot of interesting connections on the social network and tend to write their own content on LinkedIn as well.

So we sat back, relaxed, I mean researched ;-) the world wide web and came up with the list of most influential Belgian entrepreneurs on LinkedIn. Here we go!

1. Jurgen Ingels

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Jurgen has certainly earned his fair share of entrepreneurial pedigree. He launched a couple of companies that have become house brands within specific domains, such as Clear2Pay and more recently SmartFin Capital. The latter is a very active investment fund that supports young companies with their growth. Jurgen engages often on the social network and shares personal posts on a quite regular basis as well! Follow Jurgen for insights into the start-up and scale-up world and investment insights.

2. Peter De Keyzer

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Peter is what one could call a thought leader pur sang. He's one of the main voices in Belgium when it comes down to understanding the direction in which our economy is heading. He currently acts as the founder and managing partner of Growth Inc, a non-traditional communication firm that helps organizations with establishing a strong communication narrative across the board. Follow Peter for digestible insights on economic evolutions and the latest on communication.

3. Marnik D'Hoore

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Marnik is the founder and CEO of the online publication Bloovi. The SMB and business owner-focused content website that shares information on and insights in digitization and entrepreneurship on a daily basis. Marnik and his team also organize   conferences in Belgium that bring together the SMB community on a regular basis. If you want to stay in the loop on what's happening in the Belgian business owner community, it's a good idea to start following Marnik on LinkedIn.

4. Ellen Sano

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Ellen is the managing director of Yuki, a fast-growing technology company that focuses on value-driven accounting solutions for SMBs. Yuki is quickly becoming a darling of many business owners as it takes the complexity out of accounting and helps business owners to stay on top of their 'books' with a breeze of ease. If you want to see what it takes to grow a company such as Yuki into a success, you should follow Ellen on LinkedIn right now.

5. Jeroen De Wit

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Jeroen is the CEO of Teamleader CRM, a software platform that helps SMB owners with running the operational part of their business. Teamleader was one of the first pieces of software Belgian SMBs decided to implement and has been surfing on the digitization waves ever since. Jeroen is very big on team and shares company updates on a very regular basis as well as interesting information focused on business owners looking to streamline their businesses as much as possible.

6. Danny Van Assche

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Danny is the executive director of Unizo, the federal organization that represents business owners and entrepreneurs in Belgium. Unizo watches over the economical role that SMBs play and defends their interests within society. Danny shares and engages with content that puts the business owner first and shines his light on decisions that are being made by local and federal governments that impact businesses. Follow Danny on LinkedIn to stay informed on what's relevant to know as a business owner.

7. Conny Vandendriessche

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Conny is one of the boss ladies of Belgian business life. She has founded and is active in a plethora of organizations that all have 1 main thing in common; People! As Conny concluded that there were way too few women entrepreneurs, she decided to start an investment vehicle called We are Jane. You can follow Conny to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in women-entrepreneurship-country and experience a very human approach to business!

Of course, this is a selection of Belgium's finest, but there are a lot more interesting people to follow on LinkedIn. We count on renewing this list on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned for some more Belgian business acumen!