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Some of the most influential Belgian Sales Experts on LinkedIn

Luckily for all of us business owners, Belgian has a number of sales experts who focus on turning selling into a divine form of art.
Some of the most influential Belgian Sales Experts on LinkedIn
Ludwig Dumont
Published On
April 28, 2023

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Let's be brutally honest about this. Sales was, is and will remain the bread and butter of any company. You can't make customers happy if there aren't customers to begin with, right. Luckily for all of us business owners, Belgian has a number of sales experts who focus on turning the sell into a divine form of art. Their mission is to help SMBs and other ventures build and maintain a sales machine that attracts new leads, engages with those leads and turns them into convinced customers.

To save you some time identifying which Belgian sales gurus (guri?) to follow, we very carefully curated an A-class list. Make sure to follow these sales aficionado's on social media for the latest insights into the wonderful world of dealmaking! Here we go.

    Michael Humblet (

Does the man need an introduction? No, the man is the introduction! Michael is widely known as Belgian's thought leader when it comes down to sustainable selling. He will not only teach you how to sell a pen, but he will teach you how to sell thousands of pens! Creating a well-oiled sales engine for a business is what Michael loves to do most. Just looking at the sheer number of businesses Michael has worked with, is already a testimony to his craftsmanship! Following Michael on LinkedIn will give you access to wide variety of snackable content around pragmatic sales.

    David Van der Auwera (

David is not only a seasoned sales professional, but also a vetted and experienced entrepreneur! Jumping through all the hoops of building a business has given him strong insights into the ins and outs of building a systemic sales, marketing and growth approach. David is currently involved as a partner in Growforce, which is one of Belgian's leading growth and sales consultancies. David shares to the point and actionable insights into the world of sales, marketing and growth on a continuous basis, so make sure to follow him on LinkedIn if you want to get inspired!

    Bert Lambrecht (

Bert his job is to help SMBs with getting meaningful introductions and meetings with potential customers, nuff said. With his company "De Afsprakenmaker" he assists numerous businesses with not only qualifying leads, but also with actually getting appointments with those qualified potential customers. Aside from being a true sales professional, Bert is also a very kind and no-nonsense guy! Be sure to follow Bert on LinkedIn if you're looking to get a behind the scenes of what it means to build a sales-driven organization!

    Stig Van Hauwermeiren (

With only 27 years on his counter, Stig is definitely the youngest one on this list. However, don't ges misled by his young age, because Stig is a natural sales professional. He is currently heading SalesUp, a rapidly growing sales expertise company in Belgium that is working for SMBs and other organizations looking to up their sales ;). Follow Stig on LinkedIn and be sure to check out his posts in which he shares sales lessons, insights and best practices. Keep'm coming Stig!

    Ann Velghe (

Ann has been guiding and supporting business owners and sales professionals in B2B and more retail-oriented niches. She's convinced that relationship-based selling and solution-based selling are the way to go if you want to build a lasting relationship with your customer. For Ann the happiness of the sales professional is key when building a sales-driven culture, which makes total sense in our humble opinion! Connect with Ann on LinkedIn to keep track on how she is supporting companies and team with their respective sales challenges.

    Kathleen Cools (

Last but not least! Author of the book Black Box van de topverkoper and founder of Attitudo, Kathleen is a sales professional pur sang. She has been in the industry for many years. With Attitudo she is currently helping B2B companies with figuring out the best practices that will lead to sales success. Kathleen is very active on LinkedIn and shares content that will help you to learn more about doing sales and the workshops that she is organizing for executives and sales teams.

And although we did our very best to research the greatest sales experts in Belgium to follow, we do acknowledge that we might've missed some people. So feel absolutely free to let us know who you think might be a good addition to this list now and in the future!