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How Profit Matters builds trust on social media

Profit Matters uses Willow for a "set it and forget it" approach for all their social media channels.
Ilse Velema
Published On
January 2, 2024
"Willow is a great time saver for our marketing team"

We spoke with Ashley Ingle, President and CEO of Profit Matters which is an accounting team that simplifies the day to day and get you numbers you can trust.

"We have real genuine accountants located right here in the USA using their experience and education combined with our software tools to bring you the very best accounting services. We want to go beyond accurate financial statements. We are singularly focused on our vision - to provide an incredible customer and employee experience - and we build lasting relationships between our employees and your business.

"Great tool for a set it and forget it approach"

Partners in social media

Profit Matters uses social media to get their brand name and services in front of audiences that have never heard of them before. "We use it to build trust with those potential clients before they become a client. Social media also helps us with increasing the traffic to our website."

"When looking for a social media partner we wanted to find a company that we felt had the same approach to clients that we did. We were also looking for a partner that would not just provide us with their software but with the support and research to help us continue to grow." Like Profit Matters, at Willow we also love to partner with companies that have the same values we have - to provide an incredible customer and employee experience. That perfect match is what makes our partners get the most out of Willow.

Articles and coaching

"Across all platforms it has made it much easier to schedule posts on a more consistent basis. This has helped us meet our monthly goal of number of posts." Ashley mentions.

"Willow provides full scheduling capabilities for all the major social platforms and the results to track your efforts in an easy to use software. They also have an easy to use news article section that suggests articles based on our preferences and are easy to share on social media. We have a monthly call (at a minimum) with our coach where we discuss our content, what the health of our social media platforms are and any questions that we might have."

About Profit Matters

Profit Matters believes just about any accountant should be able to tick and tie your balance sheet.

"We're flexible, we're hardworking, and we're available." We do account reconciliations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, CFO, advisory services and just about any type of taxes including federal and state income taxes. We are made up of bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, and tax advisers who can help you maximize growth and profits."

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10,000 hours of B2B social media consulting condensed into 70 pages.