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20 Ways to Celebrate your Employees on Social Media

Your employees are your greatest assets. Put your employees in the spotlight and build a strong Employer Brand.
20 Ways to Celebrate your Employees on Social Media
Chloë De Raedt
Published On
April 26, 2023

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As job-hopping is becoming more and more of a trend and employers don’t find the right people anymore for certain jobs, building a powerful employer brand is now more important than ever. Not only if you want to have a fighting chance in the war for talent, but also for long-term sustainability. 

One of the core principles or methods in any good employer branding strategy is focusing on the personal side. You can easily do this by putting your own employees in the spotlight.

But how to start? Read further and find out 20 ways to celebrate your employees online. 

1. Welcoming new employees

A “welcome to the team” post is both nice for the employee, but is also a nice way to do employer branding. You show appreciation, right from the start, and - at the same time - show that there is a nice ambiance at the office.

If you do this every time a new employee starts in your company, you are also proving that your company is growing and that you are regularly hiring new staff.


  • Add a personal picture of the new employee.
  • Briefly describe the job.
  • Make it personal and mention hobbies, talents and strengths of the newcomer. 
  • Use an image with a quote or fun fact about the new addition to the team.

2. Team-building and other activities

Most companies regularly organize team-building activities, new year drinks, receptions, family days, and so on.

Showcase these activities on social media, for example by sharing a picture or short video, taken on the day itself or a quote of one of the colleagues.

This is a way to show that there is a pleasant company culture and an informal ‘family’ ambiance, but also that there is attention for the personal side.

3. Celebrating promotions or other milestones

Did someone get promoted, landed a project or accomplished something else that is noteworthy? Make a “congratulations” post and explain why this event is so special. In that manner you are highlighting that: 

  • there are career prospects;
  • successes are celebrated;
  • employees are valued.

Tip: use an action picture or short video of the employee, with or without a quote or just the word “congratulations”.

4. Social media takeover by employees

A clever way to impress potential employees, but also to build trust, is via social media takeovers.

The reason is simple. When employees share something on social media, it looks way more relatable and credible than when a company does the same thing.

For the current employees it's also nice, because you make them feel like they're involved and can be themselves.

You can give an employee access to the company's Instagram account, for example, and let him or her share personal experiences via stories - at or during work (of course). You can give them access for a day or week. They can share a picture of their office space, certain tasks or meetings.

You can also ask them to do something similar, but via their own social media channels. You can then later share these posts on the company feed.

5. Interviews with employees

An easy and very nice way to build your employer brand is by interviewing an enthusiastic employee. This interview can be posted on the blog or news page of the website and the article can be shared via the company’s socials.

You are showing that the employees are not a number here and give potential new employees a unique peek behind the curtain. This way your audience gets an idea of the business as usual and why it is so nice to work in this company.

Inspiration for questions:

  • What does a normal workday look like for you?
  • What is your job title and responsibilities?
  • What talents or skills must someone who does your job certainly have?
  • What do you like most about your job?
  • Which amazing day or moment will you never forget?
  • What are your career dreams?
  • What do you want to achieve by 2028?

6. Vacancies with pictures of employees

You undoubtedly know the saying, "A picture says more than a thousand words". And that's true for social media as well.

Do you want to share a job opening? Go for a post with a picture of an employee or a group of colleagues with the caption “We are looking for a replacement for…” or “Do you want to be part of this great team?”

This is a good idea because it gives current employees the feeling that they are seen and adds a personal touch to your employer brand. 

7. Moment of spotlight

Someone from your team appeared in the press? Help them celebrate their moment of fame by sharing the article.

This works wonders for employer branding, because it shows the faces and the brains behind the company.

8. Saying thank you

A fun way to show that you value your employees, that there is a warm company culture and that they are recognized for their work is to thank them in an original way via social media. 


  • Send a bottle of champagne, flowers or a Christmas card and ask to take a picture upon receipt.
  • Make a “thanks to all the employees” video or picture.
  • Suggest to paste "thank you" post-its on the screen of an employee, or a post-it with things colleagues appreciate about that person, and share a picture of this on socials;
  • Share pictures or videos of celebrations on theme days, such as when the office manager receives flowers on Secretary's Day.

9. Blogs of employees

Do you have a wordsmith in your company? A copywriter or just someone with talent? Ask him or her to write a blog, for example some sort of diary with the title "A day working at..." or "For these 5 reasons I love my job”. Then share this blog on social media.

This serves as a kind of review of the company as an employer, and can be very convincing for new people. After all, a blog always appears very personal and authentic. It's almost as if a friend is telling you how much fun it is to work at this company.


This one is similar to the previous one, also when it comes to why this works so well. But this one is a little bit easier. 

Instead of asking to write an entire blog, ask an employee who enjoys working in the company to share a positive or inspirational quote. This could be about his or her tasks, or about the ambiance in the office or amongst colleagues.

11. A tour of the office

When people are considering to apply for a particular job, they will automatically wonder "What does the office look like?", "What is it like to work there on a daily basis?" and "Am I going to feel at home there?”

The point is that seeing a nice workplace can be very convincing. In other words: if your office is very cozy, then share that with your audience!

You can create a fun video or carousel post in which you give a sort of tour of the office. The latter often works well for engagement.

By using images, you capture the attention and make your audience curious. And you are activating their imagination. This is much stronger than simply mentioning that your office looks nice.

12. Introducing employees

Introduce employees to your followers on a regular basis. For example, a great title would be "Meet..." You can use a picture of the person with the name and job title underneath and then describe, for example:

  • who this is;
  • their job and what it entails;
  • hobbies;
  • talents;
  • why he or she is such a nice colleague.

Why is this a powerful method for employer branding? Simple. You show that there is attention for the personal side: that there is recognition and appreciation.

13. Showcasing trainings or courses

Some companies provide the opportunity to attend courses during office hours or even give days or hours off for this purpose. 

If this is the case in your company, you want to highlight this on social media. Because this demonstrates a strong and open-minded company culture that is committed to the professional development of the staff, alongside the company.


  • Ask the employee to create and share a post of their own, for example a photo during a training, with a short description. You can then repost this later on your company page.
  • You can share the certificate or acquired diploma, for example a photo or screenshot of it. In the caption you then write who acquired it, what it is about and the opportunities within the company that encourage or allow these types of trainings.

14. Videos about the values and the ‘why’

A powerful way to express your company values and the "why" or ultimate goal is letting a manager or team leader talk about it in a video.

That sharing the 'why' is important is an idea of marketing guru Simon Sinek. This is not only valuable for selling products and services, but also for employer branding. 

If you can relate to the values and mission, you will automatically feel more involved, and you will be happier and work more enthusiastically in a company than when this is not the case. In addition, new people will feel more attracted to apply for jobs when they feel a connection with the company.

15. Customer reviews

You have certainly heard it once or twice on the radio: a fictional customer calls the customer service, then there is an informal chat, the customer asks a question and is then helped efficiently by the employee. 

But we don’t want you to make such a promotional video. Instead, ask a real (happy) customer to talk about his or her experience. 

For example, you can ask for and use a quote with a picture, an explanation about the experience with the specific employee from the customer service, the contact, how it felt, and so on.

This way, you put the employee in the picture, but also advertise your offer.

16. A nice random picture

A simple, yet fun way to show off your employees is to post photos and videos of them - preferably smiling, for example:

  • when a birthday is celebrated with cake or flowers;
  • when a new decorative item or furniture is placed in a nice spot;
  • during a coffee chat or meeting.

It may seem a little bit too easy, but you know what they say: "It's in the little things”. And this also goes for employer branding.

17. About a colleague

Another great one: ask someone to talk about a colleague. For example, ask why that colleague is so pleasant, what his or her (funny) habits are, memories of special moments together...

Highlight this on social media with one or more pictures or a quote. You can also create an interview article.

In doing this, you kill two birds with one stone:

  • You show that there is a cozy ambiance at work.
  • You are honoring an employee who feels appreciated and loved.

18. “This is our team”

Create a collage with personal pictures of employees or take a picture during a video call with the entire team or company. Share this with the caption "This is our team!”

At the same time, you can mention the company values, ambiance, possibly a few specific team members, who they are and what they do...

This is an easy way to show potential new employees who their new colleagues could possibly be. And this can create a feeling of connection.

19. Funny events

Does someone accidentally come to the office in their pajama pants or slippers? Funny moments like these can be fun to share on social media. But don’t do this if it doesn’t align with your company culture.

Why is this a good idea? Because you show that there is room for amusement and informal moments in your company. A great message!

20. Charity

Do you want to commit to a good cause? When you participate in charity activities or events, be sure to share it on social media!

Snap a photo or make a video and share it. This way you convey your company values in an indirect manner.

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