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The 6 Pillars framework

Whether you’re a founder, lawyer, accountant, consultant, marketeer, or coach, you’re probably here because of some common social media challenges that all B2Bs and professional service providers have to face.
Ludwig Dumont
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October 22, 2021

Before I begin, let me clarify that this e-book won't work a miracle for you if you're looking for quick hacks. It won't work if you want to go "viral" on social media. It's not a shot of caffeine.

But it is a magic formula. It will bring structure. It will shift your focus - from getting short term gains to providing long term value. Hey, social media is here to stay for the next 20 odd years. And this will ensure that the time & effort you put into it results in the growth of your business. These are the 6 Pillars of Social Media.

Whether you’re a founder, lawyer, accountant, consultant, marketeer, or coach, you’re probably here because of some common challenges that all B2Bs and professional service providers have to face.

I structured this e-book in 6 simple pillars. They’re a combination of research and things we’ve learned the hard way over the years. If you don’t actually feel like reading this e-book, no worries, we’ll summarize our 6 pillars for you.

Some of these tactics might seem very predictable, but hard to achieve. Cause you suffer from 0 inspiration, fear of putting yourself out there, or just struggling to come up with a To-Do list and actually doing it. Other tactics might seem very new. Things you haven’t thought of yet. Some of them will inspire you to create better posts, faster.

About Willow

But wait, why am I the right person to teach you about this? I founded Willow with quite a deep understanding of the problems B2B businesses face when trying to reach their customers, prospective employees, or a wider set of stakeholders.

Social media & digital marketing was already complicated for expertise-driven businesses. Lawyers, accountants, and consultants were famously hesitant to tweet or post a status update.

Fast forward 5 years, you find that social media has overtaken traditional marketing and advertising channels, and customers can’t trust your business if they can’t find it online.

So for almost 3 years, with Willow, (formerly Contento) my team and I have been working exclusively with Professional Service Providers like yours. We help with their social media presence, making it simple to understand, and easy to excel at. Always in a sustainable fashion.

In this e-book, we’re laying out the framework that we use with all our clients to do just that. Enjoy the reading, hopefully, you find some value, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to have a chat.


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The 6 Pillars framework

1. Consistency

Post a minimum of two times a week on both your personal channels and on your business channels. You need to plan every month ahead. Focus on one social media platform at a time. Every platform needs a different approach. Use consistent branding and tone of voice.

2. Value

A pay-it-forward mentality is an important mindset to win on social media. This means that you should be giving before ever even thinking about asking something. Sharing your knowledge with your network is a solid way of creating a value-perception about yourself and your business.

3. Content mix

Stay relevant by sharing a diverse mix of different content types. This will help you to stay interesting for your audience, but will also help you to achieve certain business goals you might be looking to achieve.

4. Employees

Your biggest asset is the people you work with every single day. Period. Make sure to capitalize on this the right way. Asking your co-workers to engage with the content you share is a great way to grow your audience the right way and build a valuable followership.

5. Engage, engage, engage

Make sure people know you’re invested in your company, your people, and your projects by engaging with what’s going on on social media. Make sure to interact with matters that are linked to you and your business to stay on-point.

6. Make it personal

Humans connect with humans and although a company is basically a group of humans, your presence on social media must radiate personality. Show yourself as you are and nurture authenticity by always keeping it real!

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