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Social media: What it can and can't do

Don't expect social media to perform miracles. Here's what social media can and can't do.
Ludwig Dumont
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

Social media posting: What it can do.

Establish a relationship with your current customers. Mainly your followers will be friends, family, fellow industry members, and especially current customers. Your existing clients want to be informed, entertained, and learn something. Be a good host and talk about things that have an impact on their lives or something that can solve their problems.

Influence the buyer decision massively. People check you out before they buy. If you put up a thousand signs to your storefront but your storefront looks empty and old you’ll lose customers.That doesn’t mean you have to put up more signs in your storefront. Just put something valuable and teasing.

You bump into leads. They bump into you. Now and then your post will get some traction. This means that people are sharing it or avidly commenting on it. Eventually, a stranger (to you) will see:“Jack commented on a post of your business”. They notice you and who knows what happens after. Another scenario is that you find new interesting people to your business.

Give future employees the desire to work for you. It’s no secret that you check out your future employees on social media. So it’s no surprise they are doing the same before applying to a job.In some industries, it gets harder to find the right profiles. Social media can help you look more attractive.

Make sure that people will remember you. When you have an already existing follower base it’s good to keep your business on their mind. Whenever they need you again or someone asks for a company that can do what you do, they might think of you.

Social media posting: What it can’t do.

Replace any paid marketing activities. If you’re in the process of attracting new customers or improving brand recognition. You’ll have to do more than social media posting. Google Ads, for instance, works well for a business where people are actively looking to solve a problem.Social media advertising works great for businesses that need that ‘aha I needed that’ moment from a future customer.

Magically create leads. If you start executing our 6 pillars today nothing magical will happen tomorrow. This is where most of your competitors and maybe you too fail. You will be looking for a 1:1 relation between your output and your input. Two things on that. First of all. It takes time. Don’t give up after 6 months. Don’t give up after 12 months. Please give up after 18 months. Second of all.It’s hard to measure that an ad you were running led to someone visiting your social media page, getting convinced, and eventually buying from you? It’s hard to measure if a new hire was looking at your company pictures on Instagram and thought, this is actually an awesome place. So, often the influence of your social media activity is not visible right away.

Fix your company culture. Although you can look more attractive to future employees, the reality will catch up with you anyway. If you have a great company culture, it will be easy to translate this to the online world. If your company culture kinda sucks, then I’m afraid you’ll have to fix that first. Social media can’t do that for you.

Don’t give up after 6 months. Don’t give up after 12 months. Please give up after 18 months.
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