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Creating LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has a number of different ad formats. Learn in this lesson which ad format to pick for your campaign.
Mirelle Hassler
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

Why creating your ads the right way matters

The ad type and the ad itself decide if your audience

👀 will actually see the ad

⚠️ will feel like the ad talks to them about actual problems

🧠 will remember the ad and your business long after they've seen the ad

🖱️ will click on it and take the action you want them to take

Note: If the ad is great but the targeting is not, it will not deliver the right results for you. So first get the targeting right with one of the previous lessons.

What creating ads for your campaign consists of

LinkedIn allows you to choose your ad format after you have set up your Campaign Objective, and Target Audience.

These ad formats are available to you to pick from.

Ad formats & objective

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