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Setting Up your LinkedIn Ad Campaign & Objectives

Before you launch a LinkedIn ad, you need know how to set up your campaign in LinkedIn Campaign Manager. This part of the course will teach you how to do just that.
Mirelle Hassler
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

💸 LinkedIn ads are more expensive than ads on any other platform, so planning your campaign allows a better ROI on your dollar spend.

💰 Planning it through also allows you to reduce the Cost Per Click of your ads.

⭐ Better planning for campaigns allows B2Bs to get better quality leads.

🎯 Setting it up the right way will allow you to retarget people who engage with and click on your ads for other campaigns.

What does setting up a LinkedIn campaign consist of?

Setting up your LinkedIn Page, Campaign Manager and Tracking

Create a LinkedIn Page (not a LinkedIn profile) if you don't have one already. If you're a solopreneur who uses their LinkedIn profile, you'll need to create a LinkedIn Page for this purpose.

Add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website. You can do so pretty easily with Google Tag Manager 👇

  1. Sign in to LinkedIn Campaign Manager and go to your Account.
  2. Click Account Assets tab from the menu at the top, and select Insight Tag.
  3. Click Manage Insight Tag and select See Tag.
  4. Click I will use a tag manager. You'll see your partner ID listed in a box. Copy it.
  5. Go to and sign in.
  6. Go to your account and then your container.
  7. In the New Tag box, click Add a new tag.
  8. Choose LinkedIn in from the Choose Product section.
  9. Paste your partner ID into its field.
  10. Add a tag-firing rule, check All Pages.
  11. Select Create Tag and hit Publish.

Go to LinkedIn Campaign Manager or click on the Advertise button on the top right of your LinkedIn.

Pick an objective

linkedin goals for social media ads

You can now click on Create Campaign to get started and pick an Objective.

💡Your campaign objective should be linked directly to

  1. your business objective eg. Direct Sales, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Employer Branding.
  2. what phase your target audience in eg. Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Retention and Upsell.

For example. If your business objective is Lead Generation & you're targeting audiences in the Consideration phase, your campaign objective might be Lead Generation or Website Conversions.

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