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Facebook Company Page fundamentals

Facebook is still the most popular social media channel around, but competition from other channels is growing fast. Facebook is excellent for building an Employer Brand. And if done right, it's definitely also a channel for scoring Leads and growing Awareness!
Steven van Kerkhoven
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

Why an attractive Facebook page can create a lot of value for B2B companies

Facebook is the ultimate place to showcase what your company is all about - outside of the strictly business side of the matter. As opposed to the 'more serious' tone of voice you'd typically apply on LinkedIn, you can definitely reach different business goals on Facebook.

Facebook is a great place to show your human side as a company. Think: behind-the-scenes footage of your office, new employee announcements, a picture of an informal get-together with colleagues, or promoting an event to support your local charity. If you strike the right note, you'll get lots of engagement on this type of posts.

Don't be fooled: we've seen successful examples of professionals spreading useful information that people are very thankful for. Take your local accountant, who regularly shares to-the-point updates on Facebook about new tax or other legal reforms that have an immediate impact on your everyday life. You'll be happy to read those when scrolling through your feed.

What are the building blocks to nail your Facebook Page?

Here’s our checklist of the 7 Must Haves on your Facebook Business Page. If you’re starting from scratch, click the dropdown menu on the top right of your webpage, and select Create Page.

Once you've created the Page, make sure you have the necessary Admin access rights to update it. You can switch between Users to either view it as a page visitor or as admin (to be able to make changes).

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1. About

Your About section is one of the first things visitors to your page see, as well as what they see when they hover their cursor over your name. Facebook will also ask you to choose a category for your business. You can add more than one category to make your page searchable, and for visitors to know what kind of services you provide.

screenshot facebook

2. Profile Photo

Your profile photo is your badge. If your corporate colors allow, make it a bright (but not distasteful) color so it catches people’s eyes as they’re scrolling. A good profile picture is 170x170px. Make sure your logo fits snugly into the circle.

3. Cover photo

A good cover photo is impressionable and sets you apart. Cover photos on facebook are 820x462px. They change size when viewed on different devices, and text or images placed at the edges can get cut off. As a rule of thumb, keep the essential text and images in the center, so they’ll always be visible, whether your visitors are viewing your page on mobile, iPad, or on a bigger screen. Click here to find out more about setting up your Facebook cover photo.

4. Username

Create a username that is easily searchable. A lot of the times the exact username might not be available. So if in our case the username @willow isn’t available, instead of adding a number or a symbol at the end, add a phrase that is recognisable, and that makes sense. Ideally use the same username across all your social media. So you’ll find us at the username @willowdotco on every platform. You should choose a username just as user-friendly.

screenshot facebook company handle

5. Call to Action

So many businesses lose on the opportunity to convert their page visitors to conversions or business leads, and adding a Call to Action button on your page solves that problem. What is the most important thing you want your customers to have quick access to? Taking a look at your shop? Booking a Meeting? Your Contact Info? Signing Up for the service? A variety of ready to use call to action buttons are available on Facebook. You can find it as a blue button right under your cover photo and edit it to choose a call to action that is most suitable for your business.

screenshot facebook call-to-action

6. Tabs

Facebook allows you to reorder and choose the tabs you want to show on your page. So the most important ones are accessible in the left hand column of your page. If you need to show a menu or have a shop on facebook that needs to be accessible, make sure it is one of the first few tabs on your page. For ease however, Facebook also provides a handful of readymade templates for the tabs you want to show based on what kind of Business you own. You can switch them by accessing the Settings tab on the top right, and then Templates and Tabs.

screenshot facebook tabs

7. Page Roles

You don’t need to share passwords to your facebook accounts. To allow your marketing team to manage, edit or moderate page, you simply need to go to Settings > Page Roles to add collaborators. Making them an admin gives them full access, and moderation allows them to edit, remove comments etc.

Et Voila, you have a decent Facebook Business Page which checks the basic requirements for a decent start on your social media journey. You can start posting content and announce yourself to the world!

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