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Your Employee as a Thought Leader

The main purpose of thought leadership is to promote one's personal brand while building credibility in doing so. People buy from people, not from brands. So having 'a chosen one' can be interesting for your brand as well.
Esther Van den Eynde
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

What is thought leadership?

“Thought leadership involves distributing interesting, news-worthy, and innovative content that customers would not have likely discovered on their own. Thought leadership provides new ideas, perspectives, and data that teach and shift your audience from their status quo. This content often comes from a trusted source and can create a dedicated following or audience who are interested in action on new ideas.”

Why are your employees your most valuable thought leaders?

1. They are the experts

Your employees are the experts in the industry that you are in & you have them right at your fingertips. Take advantage!

By speaking authoritatively about your insights on trends, challenges, troubleshooting, and methodologies, you and your employees can earn the respect of people in your field.

2. It humanizes your brand

Utilizing your employees as thought leaders helps to put a face behind the brand. This is your chance to set yourself apart from other companies. It is a way to humanize your company & trust us when we say that consumers respond better to other humans.

3. A thought leader displays value

While you get to engage your audience with authentic content, your employees get a sense of value from being entrusted with this responsibility. Positioning your employees as thought leaders in your industry is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

How to position your employees as thought leaders?

Your employees can:

  • Talk about what they've learned throughout their career - stories of their work history
  • Post lessons and advice to help others in their line of work - tips & tricks
  • Introduce the successful strategies they've used in the past & any mistakes they've made
  • Share industry news & their opinions on what's happening within the field
  • You should encourage and turn your employees into thought leaders
  • Write blog posts and share to their channels
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