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How to Curate News Articles for Social Media

There are many ways to go about sharing articles to your social media platforms - we'll start with the simplest and easiest method and go to the more complex method.
Mirelle Hassler
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

Publishing articles on LinkedIn has many different functions and benefits. The main one being that it allows you to position yourself as a valuable source of knowledge in your industry. It gives you authority within your niche and helps contribute to the overall sense of expertise and trust that you are trying to display.

Finding articles interesting and compelling enough to share with your audience can be quite time-consuming. Willow goes a step farther to make this easy for you. You don't need to spend hours browsing online for interesting articles. Instead, head over to our "News" tab and pull articles from our recommendations, topics, sources or RSS feeds.

There are many ways to go about sharing articles to your social media platforms - we'll start with the simplest and easiest method and go to the more complex method. Throughout our explanation of the 3 ways to use articles, we'll use the same article as an example so you can fully understand each option.

1. Re-share using an automated caption

The first & fastest way to share a news article with your following is to simply re-share the article. All you have to do is choose an article that you think is interesting to post and click schedule. Willow automatically suggests several automated captions, so you can easily choose a suggested caption.

All that's left to do is to choose which channels you want to post the article to and the date and time.


2. Re-share and use your own caption

Taking it a step further (which we always recommend) would include adding an original caption with the article.

Quickly read through the article and copy/paste a part of the article of which you think is a good introduction or summary. Feel free to freestyle and add your own piece of text if you can't find a suitable caption. Personalizing a caption is great and allows you to add your point of view to the article. Your audience will immediately be able to tell that the caption came from you, and as a result will be more likely to engage with the content as compared to when using a generated caption.

Another take on your own caption would be to add a sort of summary in the caption, giving away some of the content of the article. Remember, the first line is always the most important one and will determine how many people read the rest of your post.

3. Proprietary post or blog post

The third option for using the news articles is to use them as inspiration for creating your own content, meaning you can read one or multiple articles and use that knowledge to create your own blog post or LinkedIn article.

This method is more time-consuming of course, but the time will also reflect in more engagement and interested followers.


Imagine that you are a recruiter, you could use the above Marie Claire article as a source of inspiration on how your candidates could prepare themselves for a virtual interview with one of your clients. This blog post or article can include parts of the article, mixed with your own knowledge. Remember, if you do use a lot of content from the article, it would be a good idea to mention your source.

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