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Growing your audience on Twitter

Discover the specific tips & tricks that work for growing your following on Twitter.
Virginie Dardenne
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

Create the perfect bio

You have 160 characters to make a great first impression! That can be a little bit of pressure. Here are some of the best steps to take when creating the perfect Twitter bio.

  • Introduce yourself. Give a very short description of your company.
  • Include accurate keywords. Twitter bios are searchable, so the words that you use in your bio are important. Try to keep some of the words related to your brand in order to help users search and find your account.
  • End with a Call-to-Action. If you have a link or website that you want to draw followers to, include this in your bio.

Add a location to your Twitter bio

Don't forget to add a location to your bio.

  • A location is a great way to build trust with your audience. It helps them to understand that you are legitimate.
  • Twitter users like coming to a page and seeing a tagged location.
  • If you have a physical office, store, or headquarters use this location.
  • If you don't have a physical location, you can use the city that you are running the business from.

Pin your best tweet at the top of your page

Pinning your most popular tweet to the top of your page can result in more retweets.

  • It is extremely simple to do and yet can produce amazing results! This tweet will be the first that potential followers see when they come to your page. If it's a great tweet they are likely to interact with it.
  • Pinning your best tweet to the top of your page keeps it visible for an extended period of time, therefore allowing it to be shared consistently for an extended period of time. The more retweets the tweet receives, the more visibility and new followers you are likely to receive.

How to pin a tweet:

  • To pin a tweet, click the "..." icon on the tweet itself, and then click "Pin to your profile."

Consider a Quote Tweet over a Retweet

What is a quote tweet?

  • A quote tweet on Twitter is a way to repost another accounts content while simultaneously adding your own thoughts to it.
  • It is more than just a reply, though. It is turned into its own tweet that can be engaged with, liked, commented on and retweeted in itself.
  • In order to generate more reach, it is recommended to quote tweet over simply replying. Quote tweets are populated in your feed as normal tweets are, whereas replies are hidden on a separate tab on your profile. The whole purpose is to increase engagement by giving users a new way to interact.

How to quote tweet:

  • It is very easy to quote tweet! Simply press the retweet icon on a tweet of another user's and choose the option to "Quote Tweet".

Reasons to quote tweet:

  • Respond to other user's questions with a quote tweet
  • Comment on industry news
  • Promote another user's Twitter account
  • Re-share your old content

Participate in #FF, a.k.a. Follow Friday

What is Follow Friday?

  • Follow Friday is one of the best ways to bring in a new audience on Twitter! Essentially, you are meant to create a tweet that recommends new accounts that you'd like your followers to also follow. It's a way to build meaningful connections with well-respected and interesting accounts in your industry.
  • Of course a potential goal is to have accounts reciprocate and recommend you as a worthy account to follow as well.

How to create a tweet for #FF?

  • Choose a Twitter account that you'd think your followers would love.
  • Create a tweet introducing the account and explaining why your followers should also follow them.
  • Tag the account accurately using the @.
  • Make sure to hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday.

Upload your email contacts to Twitter

Uploading your contacts to Twitter is a great way to find accounts to follow, but also allow other accounts to easily find and follow you.

  • When you upload your contacts to Twitter, any accounts that are linked to your contacts will appear for you to follow. Twitter will also recommend your account for others to follow.

How to upload your contacts to Twitter:

  • Go to "Settings and Privacy"
  • Find "Privacy and Safety"
  • Click "Discoverability and Contacts" and then "Manage Contacts"
  • Choose to "Sync address book contacts"
  • If your contacts already have a Twitter account, it will be shown for you to follow
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