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Get Employees to Engage on Social Media

According to LinkedIn, 30% of the engagement on a Company Page post comes from employees, who are 14 times more likely to share that content vs. other content types.
Esther Van den Eynde
Last Updated
October 22, 2021

Why is it important for your employees to engage with your company's social media?

Your employee’s social connections can

  • amplify brand visibility,
  • increase lead quality,
  • drive web traffic,
  • and boost social recruiting.

Encouraging your employees to engage with your company's page on social media is a surefire way to increase your social media reach. We understand that it can be a hard task, though, as social media sometimes tends to fall to the wayside in people's daily workflow. So utilize these helpful tips to ensure your employees are active on social media.

How do you urge your employees to interact with your company's social media pages?

1. Create a clear social media policy

What is a social media policy? A social media policy goes into detail on what employees should and should not do on social media. It explains how employees should conduct themselves online.

Here is an example social media policy from Dell

Why is it important to have a social media policy?

  • Social media policies are in place to protect your brand and company. Unfortunately, you need to be extra aware of what is posted on social media these days relating to your company. Many companies have been wrapped up in scandals due to posts that were perceived as offensive by the online community. The best way to avoid this is to have a clear social media policy in place.
  • By having set rules, employees will feel more comfortable posting and engaging online because they will know exactly what they should and shouldn't do.

2. Share your social media goals & why they are important for the company's growth

  • Be transparent about your company's social media mission and goals. Employees should understand exactly why social media matters to the company and how you plan to accomplish your goals. Otherwise, they are never going to feel inclined to assist in reaching these goals if they don't know what they are and their importance.
  • If your goal is to increase awareness, encourage employees to post about the brand in general. If you’re launching a new product, create shareable content employees can be proud of.

3. Give monthly updates of your employees' efforts on social media

  • Share monthly reports of your employees' efforts on social media. Provide data that shows how everyone is contributing and making a difference online. It will help to motivate employees to continue to be active and engage with the company's social media. It might also encourage other employees who haven't been as active to join their other colleagues in their efforts.
  • Some key metrics to include are:
  • Top contributors - Which individuals from your team are engaging with the most posts?
  • Organic reach - How many people are seeing the content shared by your employees?
  • Engagement - Are people interacting with the content that your employees share?
  • Traffic - How much traffic was driven to your page via your employees posts?

4. Encourage employees to be active on social media - don't force it

You can't force your employees to share your company's content or engage/post on social media, but you can encourage employees to be active.

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